Contracting Services

Our experience includes designing and constructing various projects with special material and detail, efficient structure and advanced systems in facade, skylight, aluminum door and windows composite and HPL facade and diverse shading systems,
Our services in this section are as follows:
- Production
- Designing and engineering
- Engineering services and project management

- Installation and construction.

Key features of windows and doors at Alumin are as follows:

- Innovative technology
- System-tested security
- Wide range of units and opening types
- Rich variety of colors
- Large range of fittings, glazing beads and handles offers scope for creativity.

- Efficient thermal and sound insulation Easy maintenance
- Large areas of glass, High insulation and security technology.

Our resume encompasses a wide range of local and national projects, such as commercial, cultural, institutional and residential.
The ability to plan and organize even the most complex jobs, and the quality controls in place every step of the way, help us maximize the efficiency and profitability of every project. Engineers of Alumin are familier to techniques that are the solution of designers, archiects and clients ideas and demands