W50 System

The W50 system is a thermal insulated system operating with mullions and transoms, polyamide spacing bars, pressure plates and button covers. The special characteristic of this system is the resulting thermal insulation through reinforced insulated profile from fiberglass which is adjusted in the interior part of the construction. Using spacing profiles or watertightness profiles, we can achieve gaps that allow the insertion of glass or panel, with a thickness from 24 up to 38mm. Combined with windows and doors ensure functionality, performance, homogeneity and constructive simplicity Combination of W50/RG75 or RG60 for doors and windows with a visible frame and sash. Combination of W50/RGB for doors and windows with visible frame and hidden sash. Combination of W50 with a pivoting window, for exterior openings, with a hidden frame and sash, totally invisible from the outside.

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